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  • Mrs. Davis,

    Let me preference this a little, I am a white male living in Lexington that has a household income of less than $100k. I can not believe that just because I do not support Mr. Obama that I am considered RACIST! We should not judge anyone by race rather more than actions.

    Mr. Obama has said very little about what he would like to do as president other thank ‘CHANGE’. To what I might add? He does favor raising taxes on the so called ‘rich’. He also proposes several social programs to help those that are hurting which would make this government even bigger than it is now.

    I disagree completely with everything he says. I do not believe higher taxes is the answer with fixing the economy or even bailing out any private companies for that matter. The capital market is where this problem started and it should be the capital market where it is fixed. As for the social programs Mr. Obama proposes, I have a better idea. Let’s clean up our welfare and government assistance programs. Why should I as an american pay for those who would rather receive a check for a ‘so called migraine’ than getting off of their lazy behind and find a job. If a job is not in your area, MOVE! THERE ARE PLENTY OF JOBS AVAILABLE!

    The point I’m trying to make to you is that I have many reasons why I do not support Mr. Obama and his color of skin is not one of them. Please refrain yourself from making should broad generalizations. Thank you.

  • M. Davis,

    I have a thought for you.

    A famous person once said” do not judge me by the color of my skin,judge me by my character.

    Do you think Michale Vicks showed good American character abusing torturing and killing those innocent dogs?
    I love football both college, and the NFL. But I will never buy anything from them again
    I don’t dislilke MV due to his skin color. He was/might still be a mean nasty person. And he doesn’t need to be that way. He is a good looking man. He has a profession that almost all young athletes have a dream of having. And now he is getting a second chance. I wish him well.
    Maybe, you don’t care too much for animals.

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