What you will find within these pages are thoughts and musings I would have said to you had we run into one another at the grocery store or at a fabulous shoe sale.

Some might be entertaining, some contentious, some boring beyond belief.

I only hope two out of three are food for thought.


  •   Vernal Kennedy
    April 9th, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    Thank you.

  • I loved it-Jun3rd regarding your 18 year old. I,ve been known to use water spray to rouse anywhere from 14 to 18 year old boys . Secretly I suspect that I was known as a ‘witch”. I’m really glad that you now have a blog.

  •   R.S. Hillyer
    April 29th, 2009 at 8:28 am

    Ms. Davis -
    I read with great interest your article about Rear Admiral Michelle Howard, “A Woman Our Girls Can Aspire To Imitate”. I believe there is one aspect of the story you overlooked. As a Naval Officer on the Retired List, I still follow stories about the Navy in the press. That said, I had no idea that CTF 151 was commanded by an African American woman. I would submit to you that what was remarkable about RADM Howard being in command is that it was unremarkable. To my mind, that’s progress – real progress. Rick Hillyer, Captain USN (ret).

  • Ms. Davis-
    I have been working with a group of wonderful volunteers (workers who have added this fair to their to do list- aside from their very demanding “real jobs”) from many local social service agencies that will on Tuesday- October 20, host a homeless resource fair at Central Christian Church in downtown Lexington. One of the biggest supporters is Lexington’s VAMC and individuals such as William Embery, Jr.- we started meeting aprrox. one year ago with about 5 participating agencies and the group has grown to well over 40. We would love to have you come by and see how the many hours of hard work, planning and love that has gone into this venture to bring agency services and information/referrals to the community that many forget that exist here in Lexington and that would be the hundreds of men, women and children that are homeless on any given day.
    It will be at Fellowship Hall, Central Christian Church- Short Street on Tuesday, Oct. 20 from 9a.m- 3p.m.
    Thank you for your time,
    Missie Smith
    Property Manager
    St. James Place

    I will see what I can do. – Merlene

  • Greetings from Australia!
    I have been researching the Lexington Suburban Woman’s Club, and found your article about their activities. I would like to contact the group, however a phone call from Australia is not feasible. I cannot seem to find an email address anywhere on line, and wondered if you might be able to put me on the right track?
    Many thanks, in anticipation,
    Jay Randle

  • Dear Ms. Merlene
    I am writing in regards to a story happening in Georgia. It was a case of child molestation charges. The victim was/is Tonya Craft. You may have heard of it, but I’m thinking not.

    Anyhow, she was found ‘Not Guilty’ amidst a world of corruption. It has rung warning bells for the CAC(Child Advocacy Center) and so much more abuse form people supposedly helping children. It was/is what some have been calling a ‘PERFECT STORM’ of injustive in the LMJC(Lookout Mountain Judicial Center) in Northwest Georgia.

    Also a private investigator, Eric Echol, whom is African American, has been charged with a FALSE crime. The blogosphere is Burning up the lines over it.

    I just thought, since I have seen many articles of Child abuse and the SAD state of our Social Workers, doing their jobs, That it would be an interesting article for your paper to do, and hopefully help our system of injustice.

    There is a video of Mr Echol’s part in this, if you’re interested, on Channel 3 in Chattanooga I believe. If not, you can go to: William Anderson Blog, and find out lots of information about all of it.

    I sincerely hope you will follow-up on this, or can turn it over to someone who will.

    Thank you,
    Kay Brown

    Thank you. I will look it up. merlene

  • Hi Ms. Davis:

    Just wanted to say that I have been an avid follower of your blog and I appreciate the work you have been putting in!

    Bishen Sen

  •   Merlene Davis
    April 4th, 2014 at 9:29 am

    Thank you! merlene

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